The Yak

My friend Andrew introduced me to an idiom I had never heard before, which i’m quite fond of. Yak Shaving looks a lot like this. I’m tired, and staying up with Samuel while Natalie sleeps, so I’ll share my most recent Yak Shaving story. The problem My side project Dice Magic has super-bad code coverage, some modules are around 90%, but most are in the 50s. Well, it should be easy to write a few unit tests and bump up those numbers.
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Ruminations on Daddy-hood

I’ve been a dad now for roughly 6 days and I find myself wanting to put words down before I forget what this feels like. Also, perhaps I can come back here in a few years and have some decent stories for the little one. On the other hand, I’m getting 4 hours of sleep on a good day, maybe I shouldn’t pick up writing again…
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